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Instructional Odyssey

Jennifer Widom, Stanford computer science professor and MOOC pioneer, is spending her 2016-17 sabbatical year traveling the globe offering free short-courses, workshops, and roundtables in the areas of big data, design thinking & collaborative problem-solving, and women in technology.

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As part of a 3-day visit at Lodz University of Technology, organized by Institute of Applied Computer Science and International Faculty of Engineering, Professor Widom will offer the following workshops:

Big Data

Courses and seminars conducted by Professor Widom provide a good introduction to the domain referred to as "Big Data". The lectures also include elements of history and specific examples and applications of "Big Data" in everyday life. During the course Professor will present basic techniques and tools used in data collection, analysis visualization.

Research Talk: Research in Database Systems

Research in Database Systems: Challenges, Principles, Prototypes, and Results

A great deal of database research is largely systems-driven, with less focus on carefully designed and clean foundations. My approach has been to lay solid theoretical foundations first, then develop a prototype system realizing those foundations. This talk focuses specifically on the challenges of developing new data models, query languages, and user interfaces that are simultaneously well-defined, understandable, expressive, and can be implemented efficiently. Examples are drawn from results spanning my career, including active databases, semistructured data, data streams, uncertain data, and crowdsourced data management.

Women in Tech

Professor Widom invites you to a discussion of the role of women in professions related to the technology. Discussed topics will cover combining of family life and career, expectations of the women and the prevailing stereotypes.

Design Thinking

It is a workshop revealing the modern method of solving complex problems. The main assumption of Design Thinking is to focus on actual customer needs and the creative approach to solve problems in an interdisciplinary team. Day workshops are conducted in an interactive manner. Participants are divided into teams, which take the challenge solving real problem and present prototypes to all workshop participants.


Registration for the Big Data course has been completed.
Concerning the nature of the  of "Women in Tech" and "Design Thinking” events the number of participants is very limited and hence there is no open enrollment.
Professor Jennifer Widom's visit will take place at the invitation of Dr. Andrzej Romanowski, Vice Dean for Student Affairs, with support of Association for Computing Machinery ACM Łódź Chapter as well as Polish Information Processing Society PTI.

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