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Image Processing and Analysis for Measurements of Physical-Chemical Properties of Selected Materials at High Temperatures

Researches in this area are based on analysis of images obtained form CCD camera which observes interior of furnace chamber, where high-temperature processes are carried on.

Within the research sponsored by the State National Research Committee for Scientific Research, a computerised device THERMO-WET for the automated measurement of important surface properties (wetting angle and surface tension) of liquid and solid in contact at high temperatures (up to 1700°C) was built.

The apparatus , as one of the four in Poland, was qualified by the Chairman of the Committee for Scientific Research for the European Exhibition "Information Society Technologies for All 2000" (IST 2000), held in Nice from 6 to 8 November 2000, at which the best achievements in computer science on the European market were presented. This stand also won the Gold Floppy Disk at the 5th National Computer Fair Infobit in Lodz, the Gold Medal at the 50th Exhibition of Innovation, Research and New Technologies, Brussels Eureka 2001, the GENIUS prize at the international exhibition of inventions in Budapest and the silver medal at the Internationale Ausstellung "Ideen - Erfindungen - Neuheiten" in Nürnberg in November 2002.The last prize awarded was the Gold Medal at Internationale Invention Fair SIIF'2006 in Seoul.

Currently, researches in this area, are concentrated on developing algorithms of preliminary image processing (quality improvement) and image segmentation taking into account specific character of images taken at high temperatures (light emission of objects in the scene, saturation of CCD matrix) and specificity of  disturbances introduced to images by particular elements of vision system.

Dominik Sankowski, Prof.
Jarosław Gocławski, PhD
Sławomir Jeżewski, PhD
Krzysztof Strzecha, PhD
Anna Fabijańska, MSc
Tomasz Koszmider, MSc


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Krzysztof Strzecha
Tomasz Koszmider
Jarosław Gocławski
Anna Fabijańska, czł. AMU PAN

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