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Industrial computer systems

The Computer Engineering Department carries out works connected with application of computer science methods in dedicated industrial computer systems. The research in this area covers the following topics:

Industrial measurement and control systems

The evolution of microprocessors, buses and network interfaces gives possibility to score high performance during processing of industrial data. It opens up new perspectives in construction of computer systems designed for measuring and archiving of data, as well as state monitoring and control of industrial devices and processes. The research in the Department covers the following areas:

Identifications and control of industrial objects

A temperature controller prototype was developed within the research in the area of real-time computer systems for identification and control of industrial objects. It was equipped with self-tuning algorithms. Identification procedures implemented in this controller include preliminary identification based on analysis of natural dynamic states of industrial processes and precise identification algorithm based on Multifrequency Binary Sequences (MBS), which gives possibility to obtain extensive information about controlled object without distributing its state. The research results were published among others in the book „Perturbation signals for system identification” (Prentice Hall, 1993) and in IEE Proceedings Part D: Control Theory and Application journal in 1997. This research was expanded to cover multiple input and output objects like multiple zone furnaces for semiconductor diffusion. There was also research conducted on identification of “in-situ” dynamic properties of temperature sensors based on MBS signals.

Real-time computer systems

The research in this field focuses on application of QNX real-time operating system (RTOS) in industrial devices and processes control systems. Control of the industrial process requires precise timing restrictions. Additionally, in many industrial applications problems connected to computational complexity of processing, control and visualization algorithms appears, what suggest distributed processing within computer network. QNX system has abilities which can fulfill mentioned assumptions.

The research in the Department covers the following areas:

Industrial computer networks

In Computer Engineering Department there are carried out works on implementation of available network data exchange techniques for communication between control and industrial devices. Industrial networks, due to their technological expansion and variety of solutions gradually push out classical solutions, simultaneously they increasing safety of industrial devices, comfort of maintenance and decrease costs of infestation and production process. Within the research in this area there are carried works connected to software developing for control, maintenance and visualization of industrial processes:

People involved:
Dominik Sankowski, Prof
Jacek Kucharski. DSc
Lidia Jackowska-Strumiłło, PhD
Krzysztof Strzecha, PhD
Mariusz Jabłoński, PhD

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Krzysztof Strzecha
Jacek Kucharski

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