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Image processing and analysis in ecology

The research on the methods of automatic recognition of the river valleys plant cover has been carried out in cooperation with  Department of Applied Ecology at the University of Lodz and the Intrernational Ecohydrology Center of Polish Academy of Sciences. The emphasis has been put on the data comming from river valleys and dam-reserviors of the central Poland (Pilica river and Sulejów Reservoir).The specialized software based on statistical methods have been prepared for the recognition and quantitative analysis of plant cover visible on aerial photo images. The developed methods and algorithms can be applied to the estimation of possibilities of using plant communities for the quality improvement of water from basin resources by the evaluation of the influence of plants on the retention of water and phosphorus. Academic research project of the modelling of Pilica valley has also been fulfiled in our department for the purpose of imaging certain ecohydrological processes.

People invovled:
Joanna Sekulska-Nalewajko, Ph. D.
Daniel Kaczorowski, M. Sc.

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Joanna Sekulska-Nalewajko
Krzysztof Strzecha

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