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Information technology in Economy, Organisation and Management

In Computer Engineering Department there are carried out research works connected with still broader use of computer techniques in economics issues, work organization and managing modern enterprises.

Developing and implementing Integrated Computer Systems (ICS) enables raising the competitiveness of an organization. This issues are the field of interest of MSc Roman Krzeszewski, who is the originator of CMG Poland (Computer Measurement Group). MSc Roman Krzeszewski has developed a conceptual model of introducing changes into ICS.

The results of the work can be useful in reorganization of already existing ICS, creating new ones or transferring data from the structural systems to object systems.

Within the scope of telework techniques, Anna Maria Bąkała has accomplished PhD dissertation entitled “Telework of people with disabilities and managing teleworkers in polish socio-economic realities”. The dissertation concerns the possibilities of taking up telework by people with disabilities. The aim of this work was to carry out the analysis of telework possibilities for the disabled. In the dissertation a conceptual model of implementing telework of people with disabilities has been also proposed. Another aim of the dissertation was to make an attempt to draw the silhouette of a potential teleworker. In the experimental part of the dissertation a questionnaire has been carried out in a group of the disabled in order to recognize their abilities to work remotely. The analysis has been carried out with the use of grade statistic methods. On the basis of the literature studies and the survey carried out, a conceptual model of implementing telework of the disabled has been proposed.

Telework is a form of employment appreciated all over the world. In the USA over 20% of people employed work remotely. In Europe telework is most common in Holland and Scandinavian countries. In Poland it is still a marginal solution on the labor market. Telework, basing on modern computer technologies, enables people with disabilities omit many kinds of barriers met in traditional forms of work. There are many devices and software solutions supporting telework of the disabled. Many of them are presented in the dissertation. A part of it is devoted to legal, organizational and technological aspects of telework of the disabled. The role of the disabled as teleworkers has been emphasized. Selected items of managing teleworkers are also shown.

The analysis carried out in the frame of the dissertation shows that telework is perceived by people with disabilities as a good chance to enlarge their competitiveness on the labour market. Even though the apprehension of the disabled and prejudice of the employers, together with little knowledge of employing the disabled and telework itself, lead to create many barriers in developing this flexible form of work. As an answer to this, mentioned conceptual model, including many factors, has been proposed.

The results can be useful for employment agencies, employers, training centers. Some research institutions dealing with telework and occupational activation of the disabled can also take advantage of the results.

Didactic activity and publications:

Maciej Szmit, "Informatyka w Zarządzaniu", Centrum Doradztwa i Informacji Difin Sp. z o.o. Warszawa 2003, ISBN 83-7251-379-1

Paweł Pietras, Maciej Szmit, "Zarządzanie projektem. Wybrane metody i techniki", Oficyna Księgarsko-Wydawnicza Horyzont s.c., Łódź 2003, ISBN 83-917906-1-4

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