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 Andrzej Romanowski Ph.D. Eng.

Andrzej Romanowski Ph.D. Eng.

Room: bud. A10 p. 315
Telephone: (+48) 42 631 27 50
Consultations: Attention: //Contact via email in any case. Office hours during exam session & semester: Mon 9:15-10:00 and Wed 10:15-11:00. In case of Dean's office hours contact in the office (on Thursdays). Any other date to be agreed on via

Łódź Summer School on Methods in HCI is comming soon in 2019! Detailed information will be available soon.

Łódź Summer School on Methods in HCI'2017 was incredible! We did it! Best wishes to all the distinguished lecturers and our main partner: University of Stuttgart, Germany. Special thanks go SIGCHI for generous support!

 Another edition is planned to commence in July 2019.

Łódź Summer School on Methods in HCI

If you are keen on Human Computer Interaction and/or Ubiquitous and Pervasive Computing take a look on

Our current research work focus on persuasive systems, application of drones in sports, crowsourcing, etc..

More info on research interests is given at the Research Profile tab. You can find some information about my educational interests on problem based learning (PBL) and design thinking. My full research profile on google scholar is here.

At my invitation Professor Jennifer Widom, the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Staford University (second in the world ranking after Harvard University) will visit Lodz for the very first time. Professor Widom will teach, inspire and boost creativity of students, academics and Lodz entrepreneurs. She will lead Big Data and Design Thinking courses from March 30 - April 1, 2017.

Odyseja Edukacyjna Jennifer Widom w Politechnice Łódzkiej IIS ACM PTI PŁ 2017

See DESTINE 2014 edition on FB page here>>

baner destine

Dr Andrzej Romanowski main research interests cover applications of industrial process tomography and human factors in pervasive computing in the frame of human-computer interactions. HCI discipline development at Lodz University of Technology is priority for him!

My research interests are diverse around applications of computer science to different areas of life and science. My PhD thesis „Spatial And Temporal Modelling Algorithms For Electrical Capacitance Tomography Data Processing“ defended with distinctions gave me strong expertise on stochastic data processing and inverse problems solving apparatus. This work also equipped me with curiosity for tackling interdisciplinary problems. My recent interest went even further for transdisciplinary approach in order to study human factors in ICT systems in everyday life, industry and medical applications. I am keen on to cooperate with both experts of other computer science fields such as AI, HCI or theoretical modelling as well as with social scientist and other domains professionals.

Andrzej Romanowski is an author and co-author of about 100 research publications including papers indexed at JCR list, book chapters, numerous journal articles and scientific conference papers. He was co-editor of two monograph books and 1 EU patent as well as program committee member of several international conferences, reviewer of scientific journals. He has been a co-principal investigator in12 research grants financed by the International Atomic Energy Agency, European Union, English EPS Research Council, Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education in the years of 2003-2019. The Ministry awarded him twice in recognition of outstanding research performance as young scientist. Hirschfactor/index-h: h=6 (as of WoK), h=13 (as of Publish or Perish), citation count >490; for up-to-date information please, check: full google scholar profile here.

Currently he is a faculty coordinator for international students projects as well as in charge of problem based learning (PBL) projects and design thinking implementation in education. Dr Romanowski has a good track record of international relations activities and community work; now he is a Chapter President of Polish Information Processing Society and Lodz ACM Chapter (International Association for Computing Machinery).